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Try This Playlist When Doing Your PraiseMoves Workout

Listening to scriptures set to music and doing a Praisemoves workout is the best type of workout for me. I’m so grateful for PraiseMoves. It is a great platform that has helped me workout while meditating and speaking scriptures. As I’m saying the scriptures aloud, it ministers to my body, spirit and soul. I receive healing and restoration during the workout, which encourages and restores me. The following playlist are great songs that helps me mediate on scriptures as I do the PraiseMoves postures. It heals my body, spirit and soul.

As a Certified PraiseMoves instructor, I lead the healing and therapeutic workout using scriptures. I’ve listed some scripture-based songs that you can add to your playlist when you do your PraiseMoves workout at home.

If you know any other great scripture based songs, please feel free to add them in the comment section below.

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