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Join “4everVernice’s Accountability Team” to Workout With Me!

I’m happy to say, I’m getting more focus! This week I will be completing a walk, rebound, strength and stretch workout everyday this week. They will be pop-up workouts at various times. Some will be live streamed and some will be watch “workout” parties. If you would like to workout with me, join my private[…]

Week 11 of Faith and Fit 90 Series 1- Day 72: Detox the Lymphatic System and Brain

This week we are focusing on cleansing and today we will focus on cleansing our body with a rebounder.
A rebounder allows us to do a rebounding exercise. When we are rebounding, we are helping our bodies drain lymph fluid. That means, every time we jump we are helping our body to push toxins out of our cells. I love how the rebounder is easy on the joints. It decreases the shock and stress on the joints and muscles by 95%. 20 minutes of jogging on the rebounder is equivalent to running for 1 hour. It is easy on the joints and less strenuous on the heart.