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Week 5 of Faith and Fit 90 Series 1- Day 29: Maximizing Efforts

Wow we are in week 5. This week we will focus on working smarter and not harder by eliminating procrastination. Constantly putting things off is a form of laziness or inability to focus. It causes us to feel stressed when facing a deadline or do below average work. So today’s task we will do the 15-minute rule. It is a perfect technique for anyone who needs help with just getting started. First we will get our phone and set our timer for 15 minutes. Then we will do whatever task that needs to be done in those 15 minutes. Then after the 15 minutes is up, we can stop doing the task, but we will most likely find ourselves unable to stop and continue following through on completing that particular task. This is a great way to trick ourselves into doing the task we’ve been putting off.