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Our Focus for the Next 3 Days – Seeking Gods Heart and Having Pure Motives

Everyone, I’m excited because today is the first day of WMI’s 21-Day Fast.

They have been doing this annual fast for 10 years and this is my first year doing the fast with them.

Every morning at 6 AM EST we will pray.

The phone number is (515) 606-5187 and access code is 220626#.

To read the testimonies, ask questions and just be apart of an awesome movement of God join WMI’s Fast and Pray Facebook group HERE:

During the 21-Day Fast, I will be teaching LIVE PraiseMoves: The Christain Alternative to Yoga on Facebook… everyday at 5 AM in my private Facebook Group.

The class will not be posted, so after the class is over, the session will be deleted and not available for viewing any longer.

To participate in the daily class join my private Facebook group – 4everVernice’s Accountability Team HERE: .

For the first 3 days of the fast we will focus on seeking God’s heart and having pure motives.

Therefore, in my LIVE PraiseMoves class will meditate on Jeremiah 29 as we stretch and strengthen our bodies.

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