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Our Focus for the Next 3 Days – Praying Against Barrenness

In the past 3 days, God has encourage me and let me know that marriages are on the rise. God has helped me to focus on preparing myself for marriage by making sure my motives are pure. That me and my future husband will be on the same page and have a great purpose together that we shine Gods light in this dark world.

Since I’m getting married in my 30’s, I love to pray against barrenness. Since this fast is a corporate fast, I felt it would be okay for me to blog about. If it was a personal fast, I would not be blogging it – unless God ask me to. The goal of me blogging this fast is to inspire you to participate in the fast. It’s not too late. Dr. Faith said in one of her videos that We will never leave God’s presence empty handed. He will always give us what we need, it may not be what we wanted or had in mind, but it is always what we need.

Every morning at 6 AM EST, I’ve been dialing the prayer line 515 606-5187 access code 220626# or listening to the replay. I’ve listed the replays from the previous days below:

You will hear some testimonies on the call. To read additional testimonies, ask questions and be apart of an awesome movement of God join WMI’s Fast and Pray Facebook group HERE:

Moreover, during the 21-Day Fast, I am teaching LIVE PraiseMoves: The Christain Alternative to Yoga on Facebook… everyday at 5 AM in my private Facebook Group.

The class will not be posted, so after the class is over, the session will be deleted and not available for viewing any longer.

To participate in the daily class join my private Facebook group – 4everVernice’s Accountability Team HERE: .

Our focus for the next 3 days of the fast is praying against barrenness! Therefore, in my LIVE PraiseMoves class we will speak and meditate on John 15:1-8.

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