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Our Focus for the Next 3 Days – Men Aligning into their Role As Leaders

I am doing WMI’s 21-Day fast and every morning at 6 AM EST, I’ve been dialing in the prayer line (It is now 515 606-5187 access code 220626#) or listening to the replay.

Each day the calls are getting better. On day 2 there were some technical difficulties, but God helped me look beyond the hiccups and focus Him. So these past few days have been an awesome journey! My faith has been increased, because this fast has given me an opportunity to be closer to God in my life, family, career, and walk in God.

Since I’m drawing near to God, I’m finding out personally that He does not disappoint. Dr. Faith the leader of the fast says it is impossible to be in the presence of God and not be changed for the better. So as I’m trusting God more, I can genuinely say “Have Your Way”. For I want God’s plan and God is already shifting my life, relationship, emotion, career and finances to His Will. For God is restoring the broken places and removing all distractions so I can focus on Him. The Lord has made me new.

To read the testimonies, ask questions and just be apart of an awesome movement of God join WMI’s Fast and Pray Facebook group HERE:

During the 21-Day Fast, I will be teaching LIVE PraiseMoves: The Christain Alternative to Yoga on Facebook… everyday at 5 AM in my private Facebook Group.

The class will not be posted, so after the class is over, the session will be deleted and not available for viewing any longer.

To participate in the daily class join my private Facebook group – 4everVernice’s Accountability Team HERE: .

Our focus for the next 3 days of the fast is Men aligning into their Role As Leaders.

Therefore, in my LIVE PraiseMoves class we will speak and meditate on 1st Chronicles 4:10 – The Prayer of Jabez.

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