Preparing ourselves to live healthier and wealthier God’s way!

Day 1 of 90 – 4everVernice Getting Back on Track

For 90 days, I will be tracking my efforts to live healthier and wealthier in the 4everVernice Getting Back on Track series. I’m doing this, because I believe this is a good way for me to build creditability and receive accountability. However, I didn’t realize the amount of time and effort it is to blog this! I’m the writer, editor, creator, photographer, videographer, website developer, social media manager, producer, and so much more! So please show grace when you see a mistake, I’m sure the more I do this the better I will be. I am praying that God send me patrons to help me reach my self-sustainability goal of $15,000/month.

Day 1 Routine: The things I am doing to live healthier and wealthier

I put on my sports bra and shorts and weighed myself.

That is when I got a true reality check of how much I gained this pass year. I’m so glad that I didn’t completely get off track with my eating, because I’m sure I would have been one of the people that said “I gained all the weight I lost plus some.” Nevertheless, I’m a whopping 89.2 pounds from my goal weight. The good news is I know what it takes to get to my goal weight of 117 pounds. The key is doing what it takes to get there! So this 4everVernice Getting Back on Track series is my attempt of getting there.

I had my quart of water with lemon and MSM.

The lemon alkalizes the water from my Berkey filter and the MSM decreases joint pain, has anti-inflammatory properties, speeds up muscle recovery, alleviates arthritis, may help with allergies, can boost immunity, strengthens Keratin in the skin, may have cancer fighting properties. You can read about all the benefit here.

I made some DIY homemade mouth rinse, toothpaste and face scrub.

I incorporated them into my daily beauty and grooming routine, because my face and teeth really needs some TLC.

Plus, I really want to see the difference DIY recipes can make with my teeth and face from Day 1 to Day 90.

I chewed a tsp of bee pollen and made my green powder drink.

The way I made my green powder drink was by putting a teaspoon of Vitamineral green powder in my quart of water and then I mixed until all the powder dissolved. I was expecting for the taste to be unbearable, but I was surprised to find that the taste of the green powder was very subtle and not overpowering.

I did an audio recording of Day 1 of my book Week 1 of Faith and Fit 90 Series: Committing to God’s Instructions.

The goal was to listen to the book as I rebounded on the trampoline. Unfortunately, I couldn’t record myself jumping and listen to my audio recording at the same time on my phone. Since I knew that the recording was 5 minutes, I just rebounded for that allotted time. Then I replayed the recording I made as I did my dry skin brushing.

I got in my portable infrared sauna to do my biblical meditation with essential oils.

The word that I meditated on was “God gives the increase” from 1 Corinthians 3:6-8. After the meditation, I said three things I was thankful for and then I pictured myself receiving the answer to my prayers as if it had already happened scene-by-scene. Thank you Chantay Cobb for introducing me to this type of biblical meditation. I would like for her to share all the scientific medical benefits of mediation. Mediation is her true passion. I have found that it provides me deeper sleep when I’m relax and unexpected energy when I’m super busy.

I got a good homemade vegetable plate from my neighbor.

He is a retired chef that loves to cook and his food is delicious. After I had the meal, I made a blueberry smoothie. Much later in the night, I had the duchies and had ice cream with whipped cream and white corn chips.

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I spent some time with my mom and then I did the rest of my workouts. A HIIT move of jumping jacks for 1 minute, a body weight move of crouching hover plank with Brittne Babe for 45 seconds and about 15 minutes of PraiseMoves postures while I listened and meditated on Psalms 119.

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