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I love the oatmeal recipe

I’v been craving oatmeal lately and I remember seeing a oatmeal recipe on one of my favorite YouTube channel – Shine with Plants. I’ve tried this recipe along so many others like this awesome blueberry smoothie. They are so delicious and satisfying! I just want to encourage you to give her recipes a try!

I love Blueberries Smoothie

This morning I was looking up some smoothies and I went to my favorite Youtube channel – Shine with Plants. Every recipe that I’ve tried have been so delicious. I’m surprise that she doesn’t have her own book. I’m sure she’ll be coming out with one soon. I made smoothie #2 with a few adjustments.[…]

DIY Tools and Recipes for Oral and Skin Care

For 90 days I will be using the following tools and recipes to improve my oral and skin care: Oil Pulling Put desired amount of Coconut oil in mouth and keep it in mouth for 20 minutes. Then spit the oil out of mouth. Then brush teeth. DIY Toothpaste Mix 4 tablespoons of coconut oil,[…]

Want to Defeat Your Cold, Flu, and Norovirus? Try This 52 Clove Garlic Soup

Anytime myself or a love one is sick, I go to this recipe to feel better. I love home remedies . This 52 clove garlic soup is a home remedy that I would definitely recommend to everyone. When I drink this soup and rest for a day or two, I feel so much better the next day. The important thing is I must get at least a full 24 hours of rest, because I have to give my body enough time to heal and repair itself.

Let’s Eat Seasonally: Georgia Guide

When we eat our food around the time it is harvest, they are fresher, tastier, and more nutritious. That’s why I wanted to find when is the best time to eat fruit and vegetables in Georgia. I came across the website and they had an in-season produce calendar for Georgia that I would like[…]