Preparing ourselves to live healthier and wealthier God’s way!

WMI Day 1 of 21-Day Fast Recording

Day 1 Recording: 00:00     House Rules 04:00     Testimonies from previous fast 09:25     Reached the maxed of 1,200 participants 10:00     Praying in Tongues 13:30     Prayer to release regrets, doubt, hopelessness we’ve endured in our lives 16:10     Prayer for forgiveness 18:50     Prayer of action to step into realm to live in exceeding abundance 20:00     Prayer of[…]

Our Focus for the Next 3 Days – Seeking Gods Heart and Having Pure Motives

Everyone, I’m excited because today is the first day of WMI’s 21-Day Fast. They have been doing this annual fast for 10 years and this is my first year doing the fast with them. Every morning at 6 AM EST we will pray. The phone number is (515) 606-5187 and access code is 220626#. To[…]

I love the oatmeal recipe

I’v been craving oatmeal lately and I remember seeing a oatmeal recipe on one of my favorite YouTube channel – Shine with Plants. I’ve tried this recipe along so many others like this awesome blueberry smoothie. They are so delicious and satisfying! I just want to encourage you to give her recipes a try!

Join “4everVernice’s Accountability Team” to Workout With Me!

I’m happy to say, I’m getting more focus! This week I will be completing a walk, rebound, strength and stretch workout everyday this week. They will be pop-up workouts at various times. Some will be live streamed and some will be watch “workout” parties. If you would like to workout with me, join my private[…]

I love Blueberries Smoothie

This morning I was looking up some smoothies and I went to my favorite Youtube channel – Shine with Plants. Every recipe that I’ve tried have been so delicious. I’m surprise that she doesn’t have her own book. I’m sure she’ll be coming out with one soon. I made smoothie #2 with a few adjustments.[…]