Preparing ourselves to live healthier and wealthier God’s way!


Hello! I’m so glad you’re here and you found me; it’s meant to be!

I’m Vernice Maz and welcome to; this website is a place where individuals can learn how to live healthier and wealthier God’s way!

I’m task oriented, serious, strong-willed individual, with a sweet gentle spirit who’s constantly study anything related to health and wealth. I am passionate about my faith and methods of healing the body, soul, spirit and finances.

A friend once described me as the person that tries to do the right thing no matter what, very kind-hearted, loves God and constantly strive to do His will. If you’re a fan of being Holy Spirit led, then you’ve come to the place.

I’ve started 4everVernice LLC to break the cycle of obesity and poverty, especially for the young adult, youth and child.

I lived on and off credit for over four years, expecting big breaks; it led to me accumulating over $22,000 in credit card debt and gaining about 2 pounds every week consistently for over a year. For each situation, I cried out to the Lord to help me with my finances and my weight. I chose to listen to God’s advice. In three years, I was able to pay my debts (excluding student loans) and lose 100 lbs.

Now, in the next 3 years 2020-2023, I plan on paying off my $90,000 student loan debt and reaching my weight loss goal of 150 pounds. Moreover, in the next 5 year, I plan on graduating from Chiropractor school 100% debt free. During that time, I hope to mentor many young adults, youths and children so they can grow in their identity, intimacy, gifts, purpose, healthy relationships, healthy eating, exercising and self-care habits, finances and business through Jesus Christ. So they can be spiritually, emotionally, physically, financially and relationally whole. I want God to get the glory in their lives and be their #1 priority.

I enjoy teaching, mentoring, and consulting for companies, groups and individuals. I have authored many books, which includes Faith and Fit 90 Series as well as Faith and Fitness: How I lost 100 pounds. I would love to teach, mentor, and serve your company, group and you.

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