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A Prayer for Unexpected Money Gifts and Patrons

Today I want to pray for unexpected money gifts and patrons.

If there is any areas in my life that I’ve been disobedient and out of Your Will. Help me to be obedient and operate in Your Will. Please forgive me for my sins. Help me to turn away from my wrongs and go the right way in Your Name.

There is none like You Father! You are awesome! You are wonderful!

The heavens, the earth, all is Yours. You are a miracle working God!

You can make a way in the wilderness! A river in the desert! Yes, You can make a way where there is no way!

I praise You oh mighty God that You are my source and provider.

Everything that is good comes from You. You are the source of unexpected money gifts and patrons for me.

You desire that I prosper and be in health even as my soul prosper.

God I thank You that You know what I need. I am requesting that You grant me with $15,000 per month to sustain my health and wealth ministry.

The things I desire according to Your Will, will be given to me, if I ask You.

Help me to fellowship with You, because it is not about the unexpected money gifts and patrons, but about You – the source, the giver.

I lift up my relationship with You. Let it be blessed and increase in Jesus Name.

Your Word says as I seek You. You are working in me – to fulfill Your purpose according to Your Will and Word.

Lord cultivate, grow, nourish me as I desire to seek You more.

Bless our relationship and increase it.

I ask for wisdom, revelations and understanding of Your Word. So I can walk in greater understanding that all You have provided is far more than unexpected money gifts and patrons.

You can do exceedingly, abundantly above unexpected money gifts and patrons. You promised abundant life for me. A life of continual blessings and provisions.

Help me to grow and develop my relationship with You.

Let my priority, be spending time with You and Your Word. Abundantly bless me with unexpected money gifts and patrons as You promised in Your Word.

You are the God of more than enough and I praise You.

In Jesus Name, ministering spirits go forth and bring about supply to me.

I will thank those who bring unexpected money gifts to me, but will still recognize and praise You God as my source.

Yes, You will always receive the glory and honor. I praise and exalt You in advance!

I will not forget that it is You who has given me the power to get wealth in order to establish Your covenant here on earth!

In Jesus Name, I bind anxiety, worry, and fear right now! I cast it aside because You are my provider and You are faithful.

In Jesus Name, I decree and declare divine favor with others over me.

Where I go favor follows me! Where I go unexpected money gifts and patrons overtake me!

Yes, as I seek first Your Kingdom and righteousness. Blessings chases me down and overtakes me.

In Jesus Name, help me to stay faithful and thankful to You and the people You use to bless me.

May I never forget all good things come from You! You are a good father.

I believe these things that I am praying and as I am increased with unexpected money gifts and patrons. I asked You to help me handle my increase wisely.

By Your Spirit, help me to manage my increase properly in Jesus Name.

Your Word says You take pleasure in the prosperity of Your Servant. As I have heard, I believe it and therefore speak it!

Your Word says, You given me the ability to obtain wealth so I can ask You for witty ideas, inventions and opportunities to earn money that sustains myself and ministry in Jesus Name!

Lord I thank You for supernatural divine connections that bring about unexpected money gifts and patrons.

Yes Lord, please bring the right people and opportunities across my path in Jesus Name!

Please bring this prayer to my remembrance so that I can recognize those blessings, connections as coming from You.

Give me wisdom and discernment to keep me on the path You have for me and not get led astray!

The love of money is the root of all evil – not money itself. I declare that I always keep my focus and delight in You and not the increase that you bring me.

In Jesus Name, give me strength and help me to do right and live right even as I receive blessings after blessings. Unexpected money gifts after unexpected money gifts. Patrons after Patrons.

Lord I praise You and thank You for meeting my every need and beyond that!

I thank You that I prosper and enjoy life to the fullest. Bringing all the glory and honor to You! My balance and heart is right before You.

As I genuinely pursue You, my life is filled with blessings, unexpected money gifts and patrons! Thank You in advanced!

I believe and receive everything I prayed and give You glory in advance for this prayer is answered!

In the wonderful and precious name of Jesus I pray, Amen.

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